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Legislators squabble over Philly’s soda tax

May 25, 2018

The Philadelphia Tribune,

Stacy Brown,

May 24, 2018-

Area lawmakers have expressed their exasperation over renewed efforts to repeal Philadelphia’s soda tax. State lawmakers have moved to final consideration House Bill 2241, which is aimed at halting the city’s tax on sweetened beverages, but opponents like state Rep. Donna Bullock (D-195) said the consequences are more far-reaching than simply taking away a levy on soft drinks. “It is frustrating that once again Philadelphia is being held hostage by Harrisburg politicians who don’t share our values,” she said.

“Many in the state legislature tell Philadelphia to fix our own problems, but then turn around and use tools like preemption to keep us from doing so. “When it comes to gun violence, paid sick leave, raising the minimum wage, and now educating our children, politicians from the middle of the state do everything they can to usurp the will of the people of Philadelphia,” Bullock added. House Bill 2241, proposed by state Rep. Mark Mustio (R-44) would restrict any political subdivision from imposing a fee, surcharge or tax on any food and beverage or the delivery, acquisition or distribution of any food and beverage or food and beverage container.

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