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Activists Take Paid Sick Leave Fight to San Antonio with 144,000 Signatures

May 30, 2018

Texas Observer,


May 24, 2018-

San Antonio activists on Thursday submitted about twice the number of signatures necessary to get a mandatory paid sick leave ordinance on the ballot in November. About 100 people turned in dozens of white cardboard boxes containing some 144,000 signatures, which now await verification by the city. “For two months, we’ve been canvassing communities,” said Alex Birnel, an organizer with MOVE San Antonio, a youth organization that helped gather the signatures. “We heard the message loud and clear: Paid sick time is coming to San Antonio.”

If approved, the ordinance would require employers in the city to provide one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, capped at six or eight days annually depending on the size of the business — just like the policy passed in February in Austin. The policy allows parents to take time off to care for sick children. Jessica Milli, study director with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, told the Observer that the San Antonio proposal should reach an estimated 130,000 workers who currently lack any paid leave, though her organization plans to release a definitive number in the coming months.

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