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Rhode Island: Massive Opposition to Gun Control Bills in Providence

April 27, 2018



April 26, 2018-

The Fire Marshal was on hand at the Statehouse Tuesday afternoon as NRA members and Ocean State gun owners rallied to oppose the latest wave of gun control bills. As previously reported, almost two dozen gun bills were on the agenda in the House Judiciary Committee late Tuesday. The hearing stretched late into the evening, and all of the bills were “held for further study.” The debate included five bills which would raise the purchase age for rifles and shotguns to 21. Multiple bills were introduced which would restrict magazines to a capacity of no more than 10 rounds and ban commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms.

There were other hotly contested bills which included legislation to end state firearm preemption (H.7762) and prohibit concealed carry in K-12 schools by anyone other than law enforcement (H.7591). Current law already allows concealed carry on school property, and there have been no incidents which would indicate there is a problem with current law. Several witnesses testified that this is a solution in search of a problem.

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