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Michigan Supreme Court hears arguments over banning guns in schools

April 12, 2018

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John Steckroth,

April 10, 2018-

The Michigan Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday afternoon in two separates cases involving guns in schools. The cases are remarkably similar. The school boards in Ann Arbor and Clio Township enacted firearm bans on school property. In both cases, parents with concealed pistol permits who were open carrying on school grounds were told to leave school property. The sole legal issue the Michigan Supreme Court will look at in both cases is preemption. The plaintiffs argue that the state has preempted the field of firearm regulation and the school districts cannot adopt their own stricter policies.

Under state law, Michigan schools are allowed to make their own rules about guns. The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled school districts are allowed to ban guns from their buildings and ask anyone with a gun to leave. Trespassing charges can be pursued if the person does not leave the school when asked. Michigan law also allows individuals with a concealed pistol permit on school property with a gun that’s openly holstered.

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