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Iowa ‘sanctuary’ city ban signed into law

April 12, 2018

Des Moines Register,


April 10, 2018-

Iowa cities and counties that intentionally violate federal immigration law will have their state funding revoked under a bill signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds Tuesday. Senate File 481 targets so-called sanctuary communities across the state and has drawn widespread debate in the Capitol and across the state. It takes effect July 1.  Reynolds, a Republican, did not hold a public bill signing event.

Supporters say the new law will maintain public safety and uphold the rule of law, but critics argue that Iowa has no sanctuary cities and that the bill will only stoke racial fears that could fuel discrimination. Republican leaders have said the legislation is in response to a policy adopted in Iowa City that says the city will not commit local resources to enforcing federal immigration law, as well as to similar policies in cities across the country. Officials in Iowa City have stopped short of identifying themselves as a “sanctuary” community, and they argue they comply with all federal laws.

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