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Impacts of Wisconsin’s local employment law preemption bill

April 2, 2018

In Business,

Mike Gotzler,

March 28, 2018-

On March 22, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill to preempt local governments from enacting and enforcing ordinances related to a multitude of employment matters. Since the bill has now passed both chambers of the Wisconsin Legislature, it is expected that Governor Walker will sign it into law. The bill, AB 748, would standardize employment law across the state by prohibiting local governmental units from enacting their own employment law regulations.

A similar Wisconsin law that restricts local governmental units from enacting their own minimum wage regulations was signed by Governor Doyle several years ago. That law contained exemptions for employees of the local governmental unit and employees who perform work under a contract for services to the governmental unit. This bill will eliminate those exemptions and preempt local regulation of many other kinds of employment laws.

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