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Farm group opposes CAFOs, foreign-owned farmland

April 20, 2018,

Allen Fennewald,

April 18, 2018-

The effort to promote legislation intended to protect family farmers and rural families against big business interests continued Tuesday at the Missouri state Capitol with “Family Farms, Not Factory Farms Lobby Day.” Supporters of family farming who oppose the rise of big-business agricultural practices in Missouri gathered to lobby legislators against concentrated animal feeding operations and foreign ownership of Missouri farmland and for increased local control of fertilizer application.
The statewide family farming organization Missouri Rural Crisis Center led a panel presentation to about 50 people, many of whom adorned red shirts that read, “STOP FACTORY FARMS.” “What we try to do is make people realize they are not alone,” MRCC Communications Director Tim Gibbons said. “They are fighting (CAFOs) all over the state. The reason why we (only) have 500 CAFOs (in Missouri) is local control. We still have the ability of our local representatives to pass health ordinances, and you know what corporate agribusiness hates? People being able to stand up for themselves. They hate it, and that’s why for 15 years they’ve tried to take away local control.”