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Controversial law passed forcing US retailers to sell battery eggs

April 4, 2018

Farming UK News,


April 3, 2018-

An American state has passed a controversial law forcing retailers to sell eggs produced in battery cages. The legislation has been passed by legislators in Iowa – the largest egg producing state in the United States – and it has created an outcry among animal welfare campaigners. But supporters of the new law have defended their action. Republican politician Lee Hein said: “I believe that we don’t need to bow down to the pressure of the animal rights groups, which are maybe growing, but are still a small segment of the population.”

He said: “I firmly believe that the regular Iowans wants a choice.” The new law has been passed by both legislative chambers in Iowa. It applies to retailers who are involved in a food assistance program run by the federal government for low income mothers and children. The legislation could affect leading retailers like Walmart that have already committed to going cage-free by 2025.