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Internet is no place for Washington state lawmakers to meddle

March 12, 2018

The News Tribune,

Rob Mckenna,

March 10, 2018-

There is only one internet. There is not a Washington state internet or a California internet, or even a United States internet. That’s why rules for internet service providers should be made at the national level, and why state House Bill 2282, subjecting providers to Washington-specific regulations for the first time since the internet’s advent, was a mistake for the Legislature to pass and the governor to sign.

HB 2282 is a hasty, knee-jerk reaction to events in the national debate over “net neutrality.” It is bad policy, federally preempted and likely will be tossed out in federal court. In December, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. The FCC’s stated goal was a return to the national policy that launched and sustained the wildly successful American internet economy for more than 20 years, during which time no state had its own net neutrality law.

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