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GOP Senator Introduces a Bill That Would Ban U.S. States from Making Net Neutrality Laws

March 12, 2018

Digital Music News,

Paul Resnikoff,

March 9, 2018-

It’s hard to tell if the original John F. Kennedy would have approved of this measure.  But Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy has now introduced a bill designed to reinforce the FCC’s recent rollback of 2015 net neutrality laws. That includes a complete ‘preemption’ of state laws on net neutrality. The new bill, called the Open Internet Preservation Act, actually complements a similarly-titled bill introduced in the House (H.R. 4682).  Both versions explicitly prevent any U.S. state from enacting a separate net neutrality law.

A copy of Kennedy’s bill, S.2510, has not been released.  But the following brief summary has been issued.  The summary notes that the bill acts to ‘preempt State law with respect to Internet openness obligations’: “A bill to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to ensure Internet openness, to prohibit blocking of lawful content, applications, services, and non-harmful devices, to prohibit impairment or degradation of lawful Internet traffic, to limit the authority of the Federal Communications Commission and to preempt State law with respect to Internet openness obligations, to provide that broadband Internet access service shall be considered to be an information service, and for other purposes.”

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