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New Hampshire | House Leadership Trying to Stop Pro-gun Reforms

February 7, 2018



February 5, 2018-

We have previously told you about HB 1749, which will provide an enforcement mechanism for the existing state law that prohibits cities, towns and counties from regulating, taxing or prohibiting the sale, ownership and use of firearms. The House Municipal and County Government Committee ignored your calls and emails and has recommended that HB 1749 be voted to interim study; which, in the second year of a legislative session usually means a certain death for a bill.

There has been a lot misinformation being spread about HB 1749: Let me be clear, HB 1749 does not grant any power to the legislature that it does not now have. It merely amends existing law (R.S.A. 159:26) that already prohibits cities, towns, and counties from regulating firearms in any form by adding penalties to existing law. When a similar law was enacted in Florida, amending a 23-year-old preemption law, no local official actually paid a penalty. The enactment of penalties encouraged compliance and that is the result we are expecting in New Hampshire.