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Civil rights director argues proposed employment legislation could burden employers

February 12, 2018

The Cap Times,

February 11, 2018-

Under a bill in the legislature, municipalities like the city of Madison couldn’t write or enforce their own laws about employment discrimination. That would stop a national trend of “burdening employees and employers alike with excessive regulation,” author of the proposal state Sen. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, has said. But on WKOW-TV’s political talk show “Capital City Sunday,” Norman Davis, civil rights director for the city of Madison, argued that the legislation could create a greater burden on employers by taking up more of their time.

The bill would mean the state, rather than the city, would investigate Madison’s discrimination complaints. The state likely couldn’t resolve those complaints as fast as the city, and that’s bad for the person lodging the complaint and the company receiving it, Davis said. “It would take a lot longer. It’s very, very concerning to us,” Davis said.The bills, Assembly Bill 748 and Senate Bill 634, would prohibit Madison from enforcing its existing equal opportunities ordinance as it relates to employment.

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