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A brief history of Gov. Rick Scott doing jack shit about Florida gun violence

February 20, 2018

Orlando Weekly,


February 16, 2018-

This afternoon, Florida Gov. Rick Scott called for the resignation of  FBI Director Christopher Wray after the agency said it failed to investigate a tip on the Parkland high school shooter. And while the FBI should probably shoulder some blame for not acting on that tip, Gov. Scott should probably not say shit about mass shootings, especially when you consider that on his watch the state of Florida is now home to two of the ten most deadly mass shootings in modern U.S. history.

In the past seven years under his reign as governor of Florida, Scott has actually loosened commonsense regulations on gun laws, and has done absolutely nothing to curb gun violence, except for, of course, offer his “thoughts and prayers.” To illustrate this point, here’s a handy list of Scott’s efforts to do as little as possible about gun violence, and reading it consecutively is sobering.

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