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Austin’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance is the Latest Local Policy Targeted by the State

February 27, 2018

Texas Monthly,

Leif Reigstad,

February 22, 2018-


At the end of last week, the Austin City Council voted to pass a new ordinance requiring local businesses to give their employees paid sick leave. It was the end result of a long and intense fight, which pitted labor leaders and a diverse coalition from Austin’s liberal community against more than one hundred local business owners and a national group backed by the powerful Koch Brothers. Supporters packed the council chambers to speak before the vote, and many gave impassioned pleas to vote in favor of paid sick leave.

According to the Texas Observer, some speakers “broke down in tears as they recounted times when they or their loved ones had to choose between accessing health care and paying rent.” When the 9-2 vote came in, the crowd broke out in raucous cheers, applauding Austin for becoming the first municipality in Texas and in the Southern U.S. to enact such an ordinance. But the cheers were a little premature. Austin’s City Council may not have the final say in the the battle.

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