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Arizona: Gun Bills to Be Heard Tomorrow

February 14, 2018



February 13, 2018-

Tomorrow, February 14th, the state House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing at 2:00 PM on House Bill 2535 to guarantee that law-abiding citizens will not be stripped of their Second Amendment rights when they choose to provide foster care to children.  In addition, the state Senate Committee on Government will hold a hearing tomorrow at 2:00 PM on Senate Bill 1374, which would significantly weaken Arizona’s state firearm preemption statute and potentially render it ineffective.

Senate Bill 1374, introduced by Senator Kate Brophy McGee(R-28), would significantly weaken Arizona’s state firearm preemption statute or potentially render it ineffective. This legislation would limit who would be allowed to request an Attorney General investigation of a violation of the state preemption statute, and adds unnecessary time delays making the states preemption statute less effective.  Firearm preemption laws ensure that fundamental Second Amendment rights are not diluted or distorted through controversial local policies and help prevent a confusing patchwork of gun control laws which make it difficult for gun owners to ensure that they are following the law.

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