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Massachusetts: Your Action Needed on Critical Preemption Bill

January 18, 2018



January 16, 2018-

State Representative James Miceli (D-19th Middlesex) will be writing a letter to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security urging them to vote favorably on House Bill 1296 to improve firearms preemption laws in Massachusetts. This important legislation will create a new section of law that provides a clear presumption that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual civil right in Massachusetts.  Because of the poorly written laws in the state of Massachusetts, the courts and law enforcement have been confused regarding presumption of rights; however, with this new clearly defined presumption of rights, law-abiding citizens will be saved from unnecessary harassment.

Along with a clear presumption of rights, H.1296 provides protections against other government entities in the state from passing laws that further restrict Second Amendment rights.  State firearms preemption was enacted to avoid the possibility of a complex patchwork of regulations across the state, making it difficult for responsible firearm owners to ensure that they are following the law.

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