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Arizona Residents Challenge Local, National Regulations On Industrial Farm Emissions

December 28, 2017

KJZZ News,

Casey Kuhn,

December 22, 2017-

In a darkened room in downtown Phoenix, the glow of a PowerPoint presentation lights up the faces of a dozen Tonopah residents who are grilling the county air quality director. “No one knew what they were going to put in,” one resident said. “Right,” said Phil McNeely, Maricopa County Air Quality Department director. “It’s mind-boggling,” the resident continued, while others chime in at intervals about the need for more regulations. This public hearing is about wonky rule changes at the county level.

But what these these residents really came to talk about was the Tonopah egg facility they live next to. And to them, even changing one word feels like a threat to their country living that’s already been affected by the foul ammonia stench coming from Hickman’s farms. Dan Mack came to the hearing and said it’s a fight he’s not willing to give up.  “In our opinion, [the county] is not willing to do anything substantial and make any real headway in protecting the community,” he said.

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