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Cotterell: Sanctuary City ban has a chance next session

November 13, 2017

Tallahassee Democrat,

Bill Cotterell,

November 11, 2017-

There was one bit of discord interrupting the Democratic euphoria as election results were totaled up last Tuesday night, and it had some implications for Florida’s coming election year. As Governor-elect Ralph Northam made his victory speech in Virginia, some protesters held up “Sanctuary for All” signs and chanted those three words. It seems Northam, presiding over the Virginia Senate as lieutenant governor, had cast a tie-breaking vote against a bill to outlaw “sanctuary cities” throughout the Old Dominion – but then switched his vote when the proposal came back on reconsideration, and it passed.

It didn’t matter. Virginia doesn’t have any cities providing safe haven for people in the country illegally. And Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed the anti-sanctuary bill anyway. It was a political set-up by Republicans. The GOP majority rigged the tie vote, forcing Northam to vote with fellow Democrats. But by getting back on the “right” (as in, right wing) side of the illegal immigration issue in the re-vote, Northam repaired the damage.

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