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Tucson council backs down on gun control, says hands are tied by Legislature

October 27, 2017

Arizona Daily Star,

October 25, 2017-

Tucsonans should probably not expect their City Council to pass another restriction on guns or related accessories, such as rifle “bump stocks.” A new legal analysis by City Attorney Mike Rankin makes it clear that Arizona cities and towns lack the statutory authority to enact such laws. Additionally, he noted, the state has several legal mechanisms in place to tie the hands of local authorities and even punish them for trying in the first place.

After hearing Rankin’s analysis Tuesday night, Tucson City Council members conceded that absent a landmark legal battle giving local control back to cities and towns, or a sea change in the Legislature, they won’t be able to pass new ordinances restricting firearms sales. Instead, the all-Democrat council went on to back a nonbinding resolution calling on state and federal officials to ban “bump stocks” and other conversion kits designed to essentially turn semi-automatic weapons into machine guns.