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State legislatures have passed a lot of new laws about guns this year—almost universally awful laws

October 4, 2017

Daily Kos,

Mark Sumner,

October 3, 2017-

It’s been a banner year for gun legislation. Only … the other kind. Gun rights advocates scored new victories in states across the country this year as legislators voted to expand access to guns and implement new protections for those who carry concealed weapons. While these bills passed before the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas, they passed within months—some within days—of the shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando. Just as mass shootings seem to drive gun stocks ever higher, they also seem to encourage right-wing politicians to get those pro-gun laws passed. Pronto.

Of course, in Nevada, gun safety forces scored a rare victory when universal background checks passed in an open referendum. However, that victory never turned into law, because it was blocked by Nevada’s Republican attorney general. The expansion of gun background checks approved by Nevada voters last month will not happen as expected, based on an opinion released Wednesday by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

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