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El Paso’s legislative delegation describes hostile enviroment in Austin

September 19, 2017

KVIA News,

Stephanie Guadian,

September 18, 2017-

El Paso’s legislative attorney and lobbyists described a hostile environment during a legislative update to Mayor Dee Margo and City Council at Monday’s Special City Council meeting. Attorney Lupe Cuellar and two lobbyists employed by the city are back in town now that the 85th Texas Legislative Regular and the Legislative Special Session have ended. But the city’s Austin delegation reported a hostile environment due to what was described at Gov. Greg Abbott’s push for blanket preemption of cities.

Snapper Carr is a lobbyist for El Paso. “The overall policy and debate was really one of where local authority and local control would stop and where state authority and preemption of certain policies would begin,” Carr said. The Fort-Worth Star Telegram reports the governor outlined his agenda during a question-and-answer session at a conservative forum in Corpus Christi. “Abbott said lawmakers should quit messing around with this issue-by-issue, law-by-law approach and just pass a bill that says the state will overrule local officials whenever it wants,” the paper reports.

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