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Councilman wants Pittsburgh to ban guns in city parks after armed protest

September 27, 2017,


September 26, 2017-

A Pittsburgh Democrat was so shocked by seeing firearms displayed in an area park last month that he has proposed an ordinance to the City Council to prohibit the practice. Pittsburgh Councilman Dan Gilman observed protestors in Mellon Park including some carrying what appeared to be firearms, reported. While noting city ordinances regulate a host of things in recreation areas, there are no gun free zones.

“I was unaware of this until the protest,” said Gilman, who has represented the Oakland, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze neighborhoods on the Council since 2013. His solution, introduced Friday, is a proposed ordinance that would amend Pittsburgh’s city code to bar the “uncasing, possession, and use of firearms capable of discharging or propelling a projectile in City parks and playgrounds.” Those charged with the misdemeanor crime and found guilty would face up to $300 in fines or as much as 30 days in jail or both. Law enforcement officers would be exempt from the requirement.

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