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Los Angeles Sues Justice Department, Joining Other ‘Sanctuary Cities’

August 23, 2017


August 22, 2017-

Los Angeles sued the Justice Department on Tuesday over the Trump administration’s threat to cut millions in federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities, which limit their cooperation with federal authorities on immigration enforcement. The lawsuit seeks to join similar legal challenges that the state of California and the city of San Francisco lodged earlier this month against the department over new conditions it has imposed on federal grants for local law enforcement. The city of Chicago is also suing the department over the matter in a separate suit.

The legal claims all accuse the Trump administration of threatening to withhold funding to try to force local jurisdictions to enforce federal immigration laws. “We’re suing to block the Trump Administration from unconstitutionally imposing its will on our city,” Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement. “The administration would put L.A. to the untenable choice of risking a key public safety grant or making LAPD an arm of federal civil immigration policy.”

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