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Fed-up Colorado towns fight oil and gas ops by making new rules, but industry is ready to fight back

August 25, 2017

Denver Post,

August 24, 2017-

Colorado residents fed up with what they see as the state’s failure to protect people and the environment are fighting fossil-fuel development inside their towns by making new rules requiring odor control, bigger setbacks and company disclosure of underground oil and gas flowlines. But the industry and state government are ready to fight back. An odor-control measure in Erie, letting police hit companies with tickets for foul fumes, takes effect next week.

Erie, Broomfield, Thornton and Lafayette are each developing map submission rules, with leaders saying the fatal April 17 house explosion in Firestone makes this a no-brainer. Broomfield residents also will vote on whether to change their charter to require protection of health, safety and the environment as preconditions before drilling inside city limits can be done. “We have statutory authority over land use,” Erie trustee Mark Gruber said. “All we’re asking the industry to do is what we ask everyone else to do in our town: Show us what you’re going to build. Just tell us what is underneath the ground. How does that impact your operations?

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