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Cities, Counties Line Up Against Bill Removing Limits On Cell Transmitters

July 14, 2017

CBS Sacramento,

Lemor Abrams,

July 12, 2017-

A multi-billion dollar digital debate is heating up in California. Elected officials from across the state are in Sacramento pushing back against new cellphone technology. But a bill that’ll add thousands of cell transmitters to small communities just sailed out of another Assembly committee. “There’s a huge amount of money behind this,” said Kevin Bash.

Kevin Bash is talking about cell phone companies. The councilman of the city of Norco is in Sacramento, trying to keep them from forcing his city to install thousands of new cell transmitters almost anywhere, from street lights to traffic poles. “We’re ‘Horse Town USA;’ we’re the last city in the state of California by law you build on half an acre or more, now we have cell sites. What’s worse? I’m going to get calls from people saying why’s this refrigerator on the horse trail?” he said.

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