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Bathroom bill rears its head amid Texas political showdown

July 14, 2017

Metro Weekly,


July 12, 2017-

At this point, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) is the only obstacle preventing the Lone Star State from passing a North Carolina-style law that targets transgender people. So, of course, social conservatives are bringing out the long knives. Just a week before the Texas Legislature starts a special 30-day session on July 18, the Republican Party of Bexar County, Straus’ home county, voted 36-28 in favor of a resolution calling on the GOP to replace Straus as House Speaker.

The resolution, approved on Monday evening, cites the “non-support” of the Republican Party of Texas platform as the rationale for Straus’ removal, reports the San Antonio Current. The local Republican chapter also voted to support Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session agenda, comprised of 20 different bills he would like to see pass, including the anti-transgender “bathroom bill,” which Republicans describe as a “privacy act.”

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