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ALEC​’s Covert War on Democracy

July 10, 2017

Common Dreams,

Michele Swenson,

July 3, 2017-

Describing an “illiberal” or “managed” democracy, political philosopher Sheldon Wolin and others draw a picture of a U.S. government acting as servant of dominant corporate money that subverts democracy, overwhelms representative government and sacrifices the common good, as the major political parties, too, are captive to corporate control. Excluded from ​exerting any influence are the people, where government takes legitimacy from “elections that they have learned to control,” and where highly concentrated media corporations determine what is “legitimate” news.

Almost nonexistent voter fraud captures media’s attention, but not the huge disenfranchisement of voters prior to the 2016 elections. The American Legislative Exchange Council, in thrall to large corporate interests, has set the stage for the systematic dismantling of democracy​,​ beginning with voter suppression laws. Since the Supreme Court effectively gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act (Shelby County vs. Holder) Jim Crow tactics have regained a hold.

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