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‘Sanctuary city’ battle tensions run high at Cudahy city council meeting

June 19, 2017

Fox 11 News,

Zohreen Adamjee,

June 13, 2017-

The front line in the battle over sanctuary cities heated up in Cudahy. One group trying to force the city to abandon its status as a “sanctuary city.” Firing up the debate is an idea brought forth by the Founder of American Children First, Joseph Turner. “The goal of this initiative is to repeal the utility user tax. That tax is a tax on cable bills, cell phone bills…and that generates 13.5% of the tax for the city of Cudahy.”¬†Thirteen point five percent would put more money in the pockets of residents, but would strip Cudahy of needed funds.

Turner says he’ll drop gathering signatures for the initiative, under one condition. “If they rescind the declaration of sanctuary city status, then I will go away,” says Turner. That’s frustrating Cudahy’s large immigrant population.¬†“We don’t welcome their white supremacy. We don’t welcome their racism. They’re targeting our communities….to come in and agitate us,” said Citlalli Anahuac, the organizer of the Mexica Movement.

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