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Nashville’s halt on fairgrounds gun shows upheld by appeals court

June 20, 2017

The Tennessean,


June 15, 2017-

A gun show operator has lost his case before the Tennessee Court of Appeals, which on Thursday sided with Metro as it continues to enforce new safety measures that led to the recent halt of gun shows at the city-owned Fairgrounds Nashville. Court of Appeals Judge Brandon O. Gibson upheld last July’s decision from Davidson County Chancellor Carol McCoy, who dismissed a lawsuit challenging the fairgrounds gun show rules from plaintiffs David Goodman of Bill Goodman’s Gun and Knife Shows and the Tennessee Firearms Association.

After a long history of gun shows, Nashville’s city-owned fairgrounds held its final gun show last year after the Metro fair board voted in December 2015 to require that gun show promoters agree to new safety measures, including gun background checks and extra security to prevent the sale of firearms from the trunks of vehicles. No gun show promoters have agreed to those parameters.

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