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Tennessee: General Assembly Passes Major Pro-Gun Bills

May 10, 2017


May 9, 2017-

Tuesday night, the Tennessee General Assembly passed multiple NRA-backed pro-gun bills.  These bills will now be sent to the desk of Governor Bill Haslam for his consideration and your NRA ILA will keep you updated throughout the process. Those bills include:

After intense debate and the defeat of numerous hostile amendments in both chambers, Senate Bill 445House Bill 508, sponsored by state Senator John Stevens and state Representative William Lamberth passed out of the House and Senate.  This legislation would create a private cause of action for a party that is adversely affected by a local ordinance, resolution, policy, rule, or other enactment on firearms preempted by state law.  This bill would prohibit local government entities from prohibiting or restricting firearms on local property unless certain security conditions are met.

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