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Minnesota: Please don’t join Wisconsin and Iowa in stripping cities of their power

May 18, 2017


Em Westerlund, Marcelia Nicholson & Rod Sullivan,

May 17, 2017-

As local elected leaders from Duluth, Milwaukee, and Johnson County, Iowa, we have a message for Minnesota’s legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton: Don’t let Minnesota go the way of Wisconsin and Iowa. These states failed to honor local residents’ desire to lift up workers, and took away local control.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker wiped out the will of the Milwaukee residents who voted overwhelmingly for a paid sick days law that would have guaranteed for local workers the basic right to paid time off when they or a family member was sick. He passed a state law that stripped Wisconsin cities of their right to pass laws to protect their workers. And in Iowa, when counties acted to raise the minimum wage, the state legislature stepped in and told them they could not protect workers with a higher wage.

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