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INVESTIGATORS: The politics of sprinklers and fire safety

May 11, 2017

Fox 9 News,

Jeff Baillon,

May 10, 2017-

For years, Minnesota home builders and the fire service have been at odds over requiring sprinklers in new homes. There’s a saying in fire safety: “Everything can dry out, nothing can unburn.” A few years ago Bill Finnegan’s Woodbury home went up in flames. If it had been equipped with fire sprinklers, investigators say flames never would’ve spread beyond the family room where, apparently, a laptop overheated, igniting a couch.

“The only way I can describe the couch going up was like a dead Christmas tree,” said Finnegan. The entire structure was a lost cause by the time help could arrive. No people were hurt, but some pets died. “I’d take water damage any day over my family getting killed or my pets,” said Fire Investigator, Jamie Novak.

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