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Gun bill pulled from legislative agenda; will return in 2018 with compromises, senator says

May 16, 2017

Omaha World-Herald,

May 16, 2017-

A major gun-rights bill won’t return for more debate this year in the Nebraska Legislature, but the sponsoring senator said he will try again in 2018. State Sen. Mike Hilgers of Lincoln said Monday he has nearly worked out compromises to address some concerns of law enforcement authorities and city officials that the bill would end local gun-control ordinances they consider necessary for public safety.

But there’s not enough time in the closing days of the legislative session for all sides to review and approve the amendment language, he said. So the senator asked that Legislative Bill 68 be pulled from the agenda, where it was scheduled Monday for second-round debate. The bill will carry over to next session, and Hilgers said he will work to get it through.

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