Texas Students React to Transgender Bathroom Bill

Teen Vogue,


April 14, 2017-

Just like the one that was (kind of) repealed in North Carolina, legislators in Texas are mulling a bill regarding where transgender people can and cannot use the bathroom. Texas Senate Bill 6 (SB6) would ban transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, which is actually a measure that would essentially ban them from public spaces. As Laverne Cox and ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio pointed out, debating whether transgender people can use the bathroom is debating whether they can exist in public spaces. And while some in favor of similar bills have argued they would protect cisgender people in bathrooms, what these bills actually do is put transgender people in danger.

We already know that transgender people have faced violence in bathrooms because of their gender identity, but in a video for GLAAD, transgender students at University of Texas at Austin say the bill, and even the debate over it, has repercussions that ripple far beyond the restroom. The bill opens up an idea that transgender people’s existence is up for debate, and it’s putting them at risk.

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