Mayor awaiting ‘good answer’ to address his concerns about new gun law

The Daily Nonpareil,

Jon Leu,

April 18, 2017-

Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh said Tuesday he is “concerned” about some provisions of a sweeping firearms bill approved by both houses of the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Terry Branstad. Of particular concern is the impact of changes to the wording of the Iowa law that preempts local governments — defined as counties, cities and townships — from restricting or regulating firearms.

That preemption has allowed the Council Bluffs City Council and the Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors to approve regulations which prohibit individuals, including those with concealed carry permits, from bringing guns into City Hall or the Pottawattamie County Courthouse. The bill signed into law by Branstad last week retains the preemption clause but includes the addition of new language that gives a person “adversely affected” by a local gun ban the authority to seek declaratory and injunctive relief through the courts.