Local leaders say too many choices are taken away by politicians in Tallahassee

The St. Augustine Record,

Stuart Korfhage,

April 16, 2017-

It’s popular among state legislators to complain about onerous federal mandates imposed upon them. But according to some local government representatives, the Florida Legislature is doing the same thing to them. “Every legislative session we see those attacks on home rule,” St. Augustine Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline said. “We feel that we’re closest to the people. We understand the community’s needs deeply.”

But leaders like Sikes-Kline are frustrated that they can’t make decisions about local issues because in too many cases the legislators in Tallahassee are making all the choices for the whole state. It isn’t just one bill or one issue that has Sikes-Kline and others concerned. It’s more of the pattern of behavior that leaves them annoyed. Perhaps the best example of this is HB 17, which is currently stalled in committee.

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