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Despite “bathroom bill” replacement, mayors won’t budge

April 7, 2017

St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

Gary D. Robertson,

April 6, 2017-

The compromise by politicians on North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” is helping return collegiate sporting events to the state. But big-city mayors still don’t want their employees traveling there after the replacement law. The mayors of New York, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and other cities announced this week that previous municipal bans on city-funded travel to North Carolina remain in place even though the law known as House Bill 2 is off the books. They agree with civil rights groups who argue discrimination still exists in the replacement law agreed to by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and the Republican-controlled legislature.

That’s because the measure left some LGBT restrictions in place, including a moratorium until December 2020 on local governments passing broad nondiscrimination ordinances covering sexual orientation and gender identity. While the new law ended the HB2 provision requiring transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to their birth certificates, state lawmakers remain in charge of future bathroom policies.

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