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Calling foul on North Carolina’s latest transgender bathroom bill

April 3, 2017

Chicago Sun-Times

Editorial Board

March 31, 2017-

North Carolina is not a welcoming state. On the contrary, a new law there continues to allow discrimination against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. Thursday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed a law to “repeal” the so-called bathroom bill enacted last year to force transgender people to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificates. The original bill also prevented local governments from passing laws to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

But calling this a “repeal” is nothing but a dodge meant to bamboozle the governing body for college sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The association pulled first- and second-round games of its men’s basketball tournament — the association’s prized event —  and other events from the state this school year because of the bathroom bill. The move by the NCAA struck a blow to a state where watching college basketball is a beloved pastime. Next year’s tournament games in Charlotte, North Carolina, also could be moved. And by mid-April, the association could decide to keep basketball games out of North Carolina until 2023.

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