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Wisconsin Supreme Court approves passengers carrying guns on Madison buses

March 8, 2017

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

March 7, 2017-

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with gun rights advocates and ruled that Madison’s transit agency cannot ban passengers from bringing weapons on the city’s buses. The 5-2 decision reversed decisions by a circuit judge and the Court of Appeals, slamming the brakes on Madison’s drive to find a legal route to keeping guns off public transportation. Other local transit agencies, like Milwaukee County Transit System, never tried to resist the gun lobby on the issue.

“The Supreme Court gave a thorough analysis of why the City of Madison lacks the authority to ban carrying guns on city buses,” said John Monroe, attorney for the plaintiffs. “We are pleased with this decision and look forward to putting an end to Madison’s enforcement of its illegal rule.” Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said at an afternoon news conference that the city plans to ask the Legislature to amend the law to allow local governments to ban guns from buses, as they limit weapons in buildings, and might also explore property rights claims in federal court.

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