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House makes changes to ‘Sanctuary Cities’ bill

March 20, 2017

Valley Morning Star

Frank Garza

March 18, 2017-

“ You can put perfume and lipstick on a hog and put it in a silk dress, but it’s still not going to make it pretty.” That is how State Rep. Rene Oliveira, D-Brownsville, described a Texas House committee’s efforts earlier this week to adjust the language in House Bill 889, the “Sanctuary Cities” bill. The most significant change to the bill, perhaps, is that it will only allow a law enforcement officer to inquire into an illegal immigrant’s status if they are arrested.

Other changes being considered are adding police chiefs to the list of officials that could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for violating the bill; clarifying that an entity with no written policy forbidding or allowing immigration-status checks are still in compliance; and excluding select clinics from the proposed legislation. “ All of us are for getting the so-called ‘bad hombres’ off the streets. We don’t want any drug dealers or human traffickers … we want them deported as much as anyone else,” Oliveira said. “But this bill is not what this country is about.”

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