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Gun bill would harm state

March 20, 2017

The Tennessean

Linda McFadyen-Ketchum

March 19, 2017-

Re: “Bill would require security measures in government buildings banning guns.” Many thanks to reporter Joel Ebert for his recent article focusing on House Bill 508/Senate Bill 445, a dangerous bill currently being considered by the Tennessee General Assembly. While the article focused on how HB 508/SB 445 would require expensive security measures in buildings that wanted to prohibit firearms, there’s another part of the proposed bill that we should know about.

HB 508/SB 445 would give out-of-state gun groups legal standing to sue Tennessee cities or counties who adopt or enforce local solutions to gun violence. Current Tennessee law already prevents counties and towns from regulating firearms in almost any way. It’s called preemption. Remember the 2015 guns in parks bill when the General Assembly took away the authority of local cities and towns to keep guns out of their parks? I believe that local governments should be able to address the gun violence in their own backyards, but preemption is the law.

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