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Bathroom bill attacks civil rights

March 6, 2017

Caller Times

Chuck Smith

March 4, 2017-

In an op-ed published Saturday, state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst said, “My job is to protect everyone’s rights and tell the truth.”  After carefully reading the senator’s rationale for filing and supporting SB 6 – the bathroom bill – I have to say she has failed both jobs. Let’s examine the Senator’s claims point by point:

“Women’s rights are human rights.”

So are transgender rights.

“Let’s be clear, when we talk about a child declaring their own gender, we are talking about allowing male students to enter the female restroom and locker room. Unless we define boundaries, young men who are ‘curious’ or hold more nefarious goals will be free to experiment, while girls and parents are left legally powerless.”

False. That’s simply not how this works! When a child transitions (socially – not necessarily medically – this means changing name, pronouns, appearance), that child, their guardian, and the school make a plan together. This is a child who, likely after great struggle, is living life as his or her identified gender. There is a history there – not a nefarious boy announcing “I’m a girl” and getting access to girls’ spaces while educators stand helpless to the side. Together, the educators, the child, and the guardian make a plan to accommodate the child’s needs in a way that everyone feels comfortable. If any non-transgender girls or boys express discomfort, that is addressed, too, to make sure everyone feels safe. A boy announcing he is a girl will not gain access to girls’ spaces.

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