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Another Republican wedge issue to divide Minnesotans?

March 20, 2017


Howie Anderson

March 18, 2017-

The Republican-controlled State House of Representatives has passed a bill, using the concept of “pre-emption,” which blocks cities and counties from raising wages or setting workplace benefits for their residents, such as paid sick and family leave, which are higher than the state guidelines. Is there anyone reading this who works for wages that would not like an increase in the minimum wage? Is there anyone who does not have it through their employer that would not like to have paid sick and family leave?

Representatives Green and Grossell voted to prevent the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, with their high cost of living, from setting a $15 minimum wage and requiring employers to provide paid sick and family leave. Sen. Paul Utke told me recently that he is also supporting this action, and will vote for it in the Senate. Why would they do this? Two reasons, both of which I think most local readers will think are not in our interest.

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