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March 28, 2017

Empower Texans

Cary Cheshire

March 27, 2017-

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott doubled down on earlier statements calling for a “broad-based law” pre-empting local regulations. Though “local control” hasn’t received as much attention this session as observers expected, the battle is quickly bubbling to the surface as lawmakers deliberate the balance of power between state and local government. Abbott’s distaste for the state’s current regulatory environment is nothing new. Shortly after being sworn into office, the governor blasted the growing number of local regulations as the “California-ization of Texas” and a “patchwork quilt of bans and regulations that is eroding the Texas model.”

While the Texas Legislature acted on one of the more egregious examples last session by undoing Denton’s anti-fracking ordinance, other items were left unaddressed. And as new products and services such as Uber, Lyft, and AirBnB come to Texas, more and more municipalities will attempt to regulate their practices. To address the issue, many conservatives argued that the Texas Legislature needed to deal with the problem head on and pass legislation explicitly restricting local governments’ ability to wage war on Texans liberties.

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