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The Republicans Who Want Trump to Fight Climate Change

January 6, 2017

The Atlantic


January 4, 2017

Not everyone interested in curbing climate change is tearing their hair out about Donald Trump’s election. Though the president-elect seems to be packing his administration with climate deniers and fossil fuel industry veterans, a small, unconventional band of environmentalists sees potential. “We hope,” says Bob Inglis, “that Donald Trump sees an opportunity to complete the sentence this way: Richard Nixon went to China, Bill Clinton signed welfare reform, and Donald Trump did climate change.”

In the last several years, Inglis—a former Congressman from South Carolina—has emerged as a spokesperson of sorts for “the eco-right,” a suite of think tanks, activists and politicos making the case for a free-market approach to environmentalism, grounded in conservative values. He now serves as the Executive Director of RepublicEn, a small advocacy outfit of self-described “energy optimists,” keen to dispel rumors that the GOP is the province of climate denialism.

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