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Portland’s shared values are evident in our approach to housing

December 19, 2016

StreetRoots News

Dan Saltzman

December 15, 2016

I am not one to sugarcoat or gloss over the realities of what we have faced over the last several years in Portland. We have been weathering one of the most severe affordable-housing shortages in the country, marked by rapidly rising rents and home prices, housing instability and an economy still tilted unfairly against our most low-income and vulnerable residents, especially seniors on a fixed income and those with disabilities.

The second annual State of Housing in Portland report, presented to City Council last week, presents a frank appraisal of what we have seen in the housing market over the course of this past year. It is honest about what this market has done to displace longtime residents, particularly communities of color, from the central city and how nearly every corner of Portland is becoming increasingly unattainable for even modest-income families.

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