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Voucher Tenants Need Protection from Discrimination and Preemption

November 1, 2016


October 27, 2016

Even as some senators put more emphasis on housing choice vouchers (HCV) and recognize the social value of mobility, state governments are raising roadblocks to Source of Income (SOI) protections for HCV households. In response to local initiatives to expand discrimination protections (and a host of other issues), business interests have come to rely on more conservative state legislatures to block a wide variety of local initiatives. The root of the problem is that gerrymandered state house and senate districts have given more conservative rural communities the balance of power in state legislatures.

Dallas is the latest example of towns and cities having to deal with state preemption. The Dallas Observer tells how a progressive city council in Dallas has backed down from a confrontation with the Texas State Legislature over anti-discrimination laws that would have protected housing choice voucher households.

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