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In a devastating blow to the beverage industry, 4 cities passed soda taxes

November 15, 2016


Julia Belluz

November 9, 2016

In a major blow to the beverage industry, all four cities that voted on soda taxes yesterday passed them in landslide victories. San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany, California, voted in ballot measures that would levy a penny-per-ounce tax on distributors of sugary drinks. The people of Boulder, Colorado, also said yes to a 2-cent-per-ounce excise tax on distributors.

“This is an astonishing repudiation of big soda. For too long, the big soda companies got away with putting profits over their customers’ health,” said Jim Krieger, the executive director of Healthy Food America. “That changed tonight.” In San Francisco and Oakland, the soda tax measures passed with 62 percent support. In Albany, it passed with 71 percent, and in Boulder, with 55 percent.

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