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Plastics industry pushing to halt bag-ban momentum

September 12, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle

September 10, 2016

by Kurtis Alexander

The long-running debate over paper versus plastic was pretty much settled in the Bay Area years ago. Plastic lost. Most cities around the bay, and nearly 150 cities and counties statewide, bar groceries and drug stores from giving single-use plastic bags to customers. The fear is that the lightweight, hard-to-break-down sacks will end up as litter in rivers and other waterways and choke wildlife.

While shoppers seem to have taken to the new rules without much fuss — even as they often pay 10 cents for a paper bag to cover the added cost for retailers — plastic-bag makers are far from accepting the change. With California out in front of a nationwide trend that could cut deep into the industry’s profits, plastic manufacturers are pushing a state ballot initiative that would allow them to keep at least some of California’s bag market, while putting the rest of the country on notice that they’re willing to fight for their product.

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