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Food & Water Watch Helps Gather Over 100,000 Signatures to Restore Local Rights to Ban Fracking in Colorado

August 16, 2016

Food & Water Watch

August 12, 2016

By Christian Detisch

Thanks to a tireless, months-long effort made by Food & Water Watch organizers, coalition partners and a grassroots effort composed of hundreds of volunteers from across Colorado, the state came one, huge step closer to restoring its right to protect its homes, families, and health from fracking. On Monday they, delivered over 100,000 signatures to the Secretary of State to qualify two measures for the statewide November ballot that would restore local rights to say no to fracking.

Gathering enough signatures for the measures was a monumental feat in its own right. But the fracking industry, desperate to stop locals from keeping fracking out of their towns, launched a serious counter-campaign. They raised over $13 million dollars and spent it on nonstop tv and radio ads, as well as billboards in an effort to convince people to “decline to sign.” The industry even paid protestors to hold signs and harass petitioners in an attempt to scare petition circulators, and anyone who wanted to sign, into silence. But the petitioners, determined to stand up to the industry, were not intimidated.

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